Screw It, Let's Do ItDieser Eintrag ist auch auf Deutsch verfügbar.

Not normally one for autobiographies, I picked this book up on a whim as it was standing proudly on the local library shelf. It’s a pretty short, easy read with some interesting ideas and amusing anecdotes, essentially snippets hewn from Branson’s life and career with some generic advice strewn about. The autobiographical sections are probably the most interesting, though given the book’s format are often repeated or presented in a strange order.

There are plenty of interesting comments on Branson’s approach to sustainable capitalism, or his humanitarian and voluntary work. Occasionally, however, there are chapters dealing with issues like global warming which read all too much like a diatribe copied verbatim from some other book and feel like they have little place here. It would have been enough for Branson to say that he perceives global warming as an all-too-real threat to the planet, and is determined to tackle the problem head-on with his Virgin Empire, without trying to go into detail convincing readers that the figures add up.

All in all for a quick light read there were plenty of interesting titbits and anecdotes to make it worth picking up, but the haphazard and repeated presentation of events, and the over-the-top explanation of global warming were a distraction. I imagine Branson’s autobiography would make a much more worthwhile read.