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[:en]For those rare times I hold an opinion.[:de]Für die seltenen Momente, wo ich eine Meinung habe.

Converting Olympus Share GPS Logs

Up until now I’ve been using Olympus’ handy little Android app (OI.Share) to create a GPS log for photos taken when going walkabout. It’s easy to hook the device up to the camera afterwards via WiFi and automatically tag any photos taken during that time.

As idiot-proof as that is, the logs remain useless for anything else. The app ignores any videos taken, and there’s no straightforward way to tag photos taken by another camera. Fortunately, the solution is simple enough. You can grab the log file (i.e. ‘share’ it via one of many services) and use the converter available at GPS Visualizer to transform it into a more widely-supported GPX format.

Thanks to hambier for sharing this information (although sadly not in Lëtzebuergesch!)

[Photo by Rosie Kerr on Unsplash]

The Ridge

Gorgeous short video of an inspiring ride in a beautiful part of the world, backed with the delicious sounds of Martyn Bennett’s Blackbird.

High Velocity Aerial Filming

Some pretty impressive stabilised photography at 300 knots.

Thermonuclear Art

Fascinating images from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory.

North America 4K

Gorgeous time-lapse movie from across North America.

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