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[:en]For news and blog related stuff, and everything else that doesn’t fit.[:de]Ein Sammelordner für alles, was irgendwo anders nicht untergebracht werden konnte.

19th September 2018 / / Daily Links

A few choice links on imagining consistent English pronunciation, playing with music and colours, losing touch with nature and getting fed up with Brexit.

15th September 2018 / / Asides
14th July 2018 / / Daily Links

A collection of links on innovating for the future, gender shifts in first names, deep sea creatures, backup software, and the etymology of ganking.

5th May 2018 / / General
28th April 2018 / / Daily Links

A collection of random links from the web, including Wikipedia’s edit wars, Catalonia’s meta-secessionists, masculine dialogue, technology’s auditory graveyard and a pictorial guide to the little differences in people.