About the site

This site is powered by the excellent, free, open source blogging platform WordPress. As this software continues to go from strength to strength it seems unlikely that there will be any change in this regard in the near future. There are a variety of plugins installed, mostly for novelty effect, though some have become quite integral. The theme employed on the site changes from time to time, and any relevant information can usually be found in the footer. The occasional minor alteration to the style and look of the site might be made by me, but on the whole if you like what you see, follow the link in the footer to find where all the hard work was put in.

On the off chance that any of the posts on this site should become ‘popular’, then a little list will go up somewhere to get to those most often viewed. In the meantime, there are tags and categories galore to get lost in. Feel free to peruse, comments are always welcome, and there’s always an RSS feed to subscribe to if you find that any easier.

About the author

What I am

I am an individual, and an individualist. I stand for everyone’s right to be different, and relish in the differences between people. I consider who I am to be my identity, not any piece of paper or plastic with an official stamp on it, and feel this is proof enough. Names are unimportant, but I post here under the soubriquet Fips.

Why I write

These pages are more of an experiment than a conscious effort at a blog. Chances are these pages will rarely be updated, and might fall into disuse before the year is out. Nevertheless, I write for the sake of writing, for getting ideas into words. Perhaps over time this will change, or develop reasons of its own. Until then to write remains the end in itself, a voice left unheard amongst that baying, blogging community.

What I write

As this blog is merely an experiment, there is as such no determined agenda or type of content. Most posts will be spur of the moment ideas that strike the author at inopportune moments. Occasionally there will be posts on real life experiences, life on the llama farm, or travels through the British Isles and Europe, but most of what I write is impersonal, provoked by the media or the world which envelops all of us. There will be nothing eloquent or revolutionary about this blog, indeed the style and content will probably end up a complete mish-mash, but beauty was never the intention. As a cynic many of the ideas posted will run counter-establishment; as a blog, this should come as little surprise.