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New Domain Name

After more than two years at a temporary location, and in part to celebrate breaking the hundred post barrier (albeit almost unnoticed), this blog has ‘moved’ to a new location. Whilst the hosting remains the same, the blog can now be found under the new domain name amindatplay.eu. There may be a few broken links around the place, but everything seems to be working well so far. With the amount of work being done to release WordPress 2.7 in November, it might also be time for a bit of a clean before winter hibernation, so perhaps expect a few tweaks and perhaps an experimental new layout or two in the next few of weeks.


Support for Renewables


The Future of File-Sharing


  1. P

    Bit of a shame that those of us who read this through RSS won't see the new layouts 😉

    Incidentally, I first misread your new domain as "admin@play", and thought "Hm, that's a clever pun on 'a mind@play'.."

  2. P

    Incidentally, about the move… the 'Visitors' link is broken, as the Google API key you use was registered for the old domain name.

  3. It very nearly was adminatplay, after I mistyped the thing in the order box 😉

    And thanks for pointing out the broken Google API key, that's been updated now.

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