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It’s been a while since the last post, but the holidays are over, even if the summer months seem adamant to stay. Expect a post (or two) on my recent trip to Latvia and southern Poland in the coming days, and hopefully some more time to keep active over the coming months.


Tony Benn: Interviewing the Interviewers


Travels in the Shadow of the Curtain


  1. P

    Hm.. does anyone (other than me) actually read these? 😀

  2. Shouldn't think so, in fact I was surprised to find even you read them! 😉

  3. P

    Course I do. Got an RSS subscription'n'all, innit. 😀

  4. Jay

    Compadres! Didn't even know Chez had a blog. I'll keep on reading… 🙂

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