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Lazarus bei Firefox

This post is also available in English.

Zwar ist Lazarus damals von den Toten auferstanden, doch nun muss er wieder endgültig in Frieden ruhen. Dieses praktische Zusatzmodul für Firefox speichert all die in den Eingabefeldern einer Seite eingetippten Daten, während man arbeitet und schont man dadurch von der möglichen Katastrophe, sollte der Browser abstürzen. Leider scheint es nun von seinem Autor aufgegeben worden zu sein, denn seit einigen Monaten gibt es keine Aktualisierungen mehr und mit jedem Firefox-Update geht es ein wenig mehr kaputt, bis ich nur noch das Symbol in meinem Fenster sehe, mit dem Vermerk „Lädt …“.

Zum Glück gibt es noch Alternativen, wie zum Beispiel den Alleskönner Form History Control.

Dieser Eintrag ist auch auf Deutsch verfügbar.

Lazarus may be risen from the dead, but it looks like he’s now been lain to rest again once and for all. This handy plug-in for Firefox, which stores what you write in input fields and staves off the frustrations of having your work lost should your browser crash, seems to have been abandoned by its author and hasn’t been updated for some time. Each progressive new version of Firefox leaves it a little more broken, to the point where I’ve sadly been left with a button that does nothing more than say ‘Loading…’ in the latest version.

Fortunately there are some other alternatives out there, including the all-singing and dancing Form History Control.

A Few Funky Firefox Plugins

Firefox LogoHappily, one of the best things about the Mozilla Foundation’s flagship browser Firefox, is the sheer breadth of additional functionality provided by an active development community in the form of addons or plugins. There’s a great range in terms of ease-of-use, function and stability, some which are so useful as to almost warrant standard inclusion, others merely worth playing with from time to time. It should be noted of course that adding plugins can cause problems with Firefox’s stability and security, though many of those listed are fairly mature projects and should not pose much of a risk. Here are a few I’ve dabbled with from time to time:

Adblock or Adblock Plus – There’s fair advertising, and then there’s frankly unreasonable advertising. I can see the merits of allowing sites to earn funding through the placement of adverts related to their products, whether they come from Google or elsewhere, but some web adverts go too far. The popup plague of yesteryear might have been largely beaten back, but that doesn’t prevent wiley coders from placing wholly obtrusive flash adverts in every nook they can find. Unfortunately their actions can only serve to give web advertising a bad reputation, and drive people to finding ways of blocking adverts wholesale, obtrusive or otherwise. Of course there will always be a small minority of web users who cannot stand to see web adverts in any form, but for their purposes, and the folks seeking refuge from the advertising bombardment, Adblock/Adblock Plus will fulfil their every need.

To tell the truth, the history of these two projects confuses me, save to say that at one time or another one or both of these plugins has been under development. As I understand the current situation, Adblock Plus is the more highly recommended, as it’s more heavily featured, comes with some default filters to subscribe to which can get rid of most adverts with the minimum of fuss for the end user, and has a much reduced resource footprint to boot (pardon the pun).

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