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The Google Docs Server Rejected Roundabout

It might not be particularly well featured, but Google Docs does at least provide a quick and easy way to share your documents, albeit with messed up formatting and various other caveats. Today, however, I came across a problem uploading some small files which produced the rather pallid error message “Server rejected.” Something wrong with my files? With the browser upload? With the server itself? No idea.

Fortunately there was an easy, if rather roundabout fix available: simply email the files to my Gmail account, and use the option there to open them with Google Docs. Bingo!


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  1. homejewel

    THANK YOU!!!! I've been dealing with this for the past 3 days. I don't want to have to do this roundabout for long, but at least it's a temporary fix!

  2. Marga

    There's no problem if you try uploading with IE. ¡crisis!

    • Interesting… unfortunately, I didn't have time to try it with any other browsers at the time. Might investigate further if the problem crops up again.

  3. Oara

    I am getting the same message with Firefox 3.5.9 since Friday 5/8/10, for tiny (< 60KB) files, with and without conversion, which points to some changes at the server level, otherwise this would not happen to dissimilar users. I don't (won't) have gmail, so no workaround for me. In any case, for anyone having to email files defeats the point of google docs.

    • Think you're right about the change with the server. Google did recently roll out some (optional) updates to Google Docs, maybe that has something to do with it, though hopefully this problem will be rectified soon.

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