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Courtesy of Caro, here’s my contributory few lines from The Lives of the Great Composers by Harold C. Schonberg, page 123, three sentences from the fifth one on:

And, indeed, the coda of the first movement, with its slippery, chromatic bass and the awesome moans above it, remains a paralyzing experience. That is the way the world ends. It is absolute music, but it clearly represents struggle, and it is hard to hear so monumentally anguished a cry without reading something into it. The trouble is that face with such music, all of us tend to become sentimentalists, reading into it the wrong message.

So he sums up the Ninth Symphony of that “Revolutionary from Bonn” as the chapter title has it. A pretty decent book on the whole. And yes I realise that was four sentences.

Now the bigger question of who to pass this on to. Let’s see if and how Steffi, Heliologue and Rob respond.

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He can’t decide whether to leave his visor half open or half closed.

— Murray Walker

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  1. Steffi's Blog
    13th April 2008

    Caro’s und Felix’ Bücher Stöckchen…

    … da mir die Ehre zuteil wurde, von Caro und dann auch noch von Felix das Bücher Stöckchen zugeworfen zu kriegen, möchte ich dieser Aufgabe natürlich auch ganz schnell gerecht werden .
    Also, da ich mich ja gerade auf mein Staatsexamen in Eng…

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