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Daily Links

Black Mirror – A wonderful photo project with Deddeh Howard, highlighting the lack of racial diversity in major advertising campaigns.

#MoreThanMean – Give a man a soapbox to stand on and a wall to hide behind and watch the torrents of abuse they sling. [Via Coding Horror]

BBC News – Something I apparently missed: now you need to visit your doctor to get a ‘fit note’ designating you unfit for work. Presumably in extreme cases you get an ‘alive certificate’ certifying that you’ve shuttled off your mortal coil?

The Ridge

Gorgeous short video of an inspiring ride in a beautiful part of the world, backed with the delicious sounds of Martyn Bennett’s Blackbird.

Daily Links

The UK’s Brexit Options – Where’s Brexit heading? Always slightly on the periphery, there are plenty of options, neatly summed up in this infographic.

A Million Squandered – One of those simplest of ideas you wish you’d came up with: take a simple website and make a million with it. The MillionDollarHomepage.com was a roaring success in 2005, but as link rot gradually sets in, what will remain of this snapshot of internet history? How long does ‘content’ really last?

Roman Roads – Beautiful poster of the major Roman thoroughfares of circa 125 AD done in the style of a tube map.

Astronaut.io – Unnamed, unedited, unseen. Spin YouTube’s wheel of fortune and take a random look at what the world is uploading. A simple idea but so very effective. Watch a little happiness.

[Photo by Henry Be on Unsplash]

Captain Europe

If only Europe had a magic shield… On second thoughts, perhaps it’s fortunate we can borrow the Americans’.

Doc Brown – My Proper Tea

A genius tune made all the more palatable with some fab animations. An anthem for the important things in life.

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