As I found recently, if you’re planning on moving your WordPress blog around on your server or domain there are a few things to be aware of. Most importantly, do not move the blog before setting up the WordPress for the new location!

  1. Go to the admin section of your blog, select and find the Options > General panel.
  2. Change the WordPress address and Blog address entries to reflect the new location of your blog.
  3. Update your blog, and do not worry if there appear to be problems, simply log out.
  4. Delete the wp-content/cache folder from your WordPress installation (if it exists).
  5. Move the WordPress files to their new location, including all subdirectories.
  6. If you use Permalinks, update them via the Options > Permalinks panel.
  7. Update the settings for any plugins which require addresses which have changed.
  8. Navigate to your new blog address and check everything is working.

Whilst this should update most of your settings to reflect the blog’s new location, some problems might arise with links and images, particularly relative links if you have changed the blog’s location within a single domain. If this is the case it would be easiest to edit the links en mass via the SQL database, however if this affects only a small number of posts it could prove simpler to edit these manually.

Note: WPG2 users might find the WPG2 Plugin page on their WordPress page reports everything successful, yet their embedded gallery page attempts to find images under the old structure. In this case, Show/Hide Manual Configuration Form will display the entries which need manually updating to reflect the blog’s new location.