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Doc Brown – My Proper Tea

A genius tune made all the more palatable with some fab animations. An anthem for the important things in life.

La bise

Nicely made video from an English comedian showing us just why can’t get on board with European greetings (and how to get around it!).

Marie’s Dictionary

Stirring story of Marie Wilcox, last surviving speaker of Wukchumni, who took it upon herself to document the language she spoke as a child and attempt to keep it alive for future generations. The short documentary film tells of her compiling a dictionary, including oral recordings of traditional parable tales to preserve the memory of the culture, and make it easier for new learners.

[via NYT]

Julio Geordio

Meet Roberto Scousia.

’ave it ’ovis

Bolton’s finest breadmakers with a tongue-in-cheek take for the smartphone generation.

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