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14th July 2018 / / Daily Links

A collection of links on innovating for the future, gender shifts in first names, deep sea creatures, backup software, and the etymology of ganking.

11th January 2017 / / Languages

Dieser Eintrag ist auch auf Deutsch verfügbar.

In the weird and wonderful world of words, which world of words is the weirdest? And if we replace ‘weird’ with ‘hard’, we find one of those eternal questions facing language learners: which language is more difficult?

11th January 2017 / / Languages

This post is also available in English.

Wenn unsere Welt nur von seltsamen Sprachen wimmelt, welche ist die seltsamste? Ersetzen wir das Wort „seltsam“ durch „schwierig“, dann haben wir eine der Kernfragen, die sich jeder Sprachlernende irgendwann stellt: „Welche Sprache ist denn die schwierigste?“

11th November 2015 / / Daily Links

Germany a quarter of a century after reunification, spearfishing orang-utans, further and farther, Alice in Translationland and synaesthesia and the brain.

15th June 2015 / / Daily Links

The video urban dictionary, gender-neutral honorifics, the death of the paragraph and the digital language divide.