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Daily Links

If the moon were a pixel –  A scale depiction of the galaxy, highlighting why you’ll never see a wall poster of the galaxy that’s to scale.

25 Biggest Turning Points – Short summaries of twenty-five important historical events from the BBC.

28 Surreal Interior Design Ideas – There’s something certainly fascinating about the idea of walking over the ocean to your kitchen. Not sure I’m enamoured by the idea of cleaning it.

Zoo Portraits – Barcelona photographer Yago Partal gives zoo animals a unique human face.

141 Boxers – Danish photographer Nicolai Howalt documenting the damage boxing causes in before-and-after portraits of young amateurs.

40 Idioms That Can’t Be Translated Literally – Great little list of idioms from around the world which make you sound like you’re tripping if you translate them literally.


Talking with Your Mouth Full: German food idioms

Every man is a poet. At least he would be, if you were to judge him by his knowledge of idioms. Our languages are riddled with examples of metaphors and similes, word combinations that take on a meaning beyond the sum of their parts. Interestingly, however, the origins of these phrases are often mysterious or disputed. Inspired by this short post series over on the World Text blog, I thought I’d take a look at a handful of German idioms relating to food.

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