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A linguistics professor was addressing his class one day, and made the following remark: “In some languages, like in English, a double negative will make a positive. In some other languages, such as Russian, the double negative will remain a negative. Yet there is no language on the planet in which a double positive becomes a negative.”

A voice from the back of the room popped up, “Yeah, right.”

Daily Links

Wikipedia’s Lamest Edit Wars – An infographic looking at some of the pettiest squabbles on the interwebs.

Meet Tabarnia – What better way to mute a secessionist movement than to secede from the secessionists? When’s the next Scottish independence vote again?

Film Dialogue – An interesting analysis of dialogue in 2,000 Hollywood productions. Guess what, men talk a lot.

Museum of Endangered Sounds – Where old sounds go to dissipate. A wonderful collection of noises from the not-too-distant past.

2 Kinds of People – They say there are 10 kinds of people in this world. This minimalist Tumblr blog explores the differences.

[Photo by Tiago Gerken on Unsplash]

Bremain Battle Bus

One and a half years and two tins of paint over budget, the Bremain campaign’s battle bus gets under way.

Captain Europe

If only Europe had a magic shield… On second thoughts, perhaps it’s fortunate we can borrow the Americans’.

The Cameron Prophecy

And so it begins.

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