Juice on Vista

Whilst installing the latest version of Juice, a cross-platform podcast receiver on Windows Vista, I came across a rather simple error that prevented the program from functioning correctly on the first load, and then from loading thereafter. The error log generated the following output (where xxx indicates the username):

Fortunately the fix seems to be quite simple and pain free (though a bit of a hassle to implement manually), found courtesy of Randall’s Life.

  1. Change the compatability mode of the application to Windows XP SP2 mode. To do this, right-click the application file, or a shortcut to the program, select properties, click the ‘Compatability’ tab and then tick the box to ‘Run this program in compatability mode for:’ and select the appropriate option from the download menu.
  2. Locate the file Ipodder.cfg (normally found under C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\iPodder) and edit it such that the line reading “download_dir = ‘C:\\Users\\xxx\\My Documents\\My Received Podcasts'” instead reads “download_dir = ‘C:\\Users\\xxx\\Documents\\My Received Podcasts'”.

After that, the program should run normally.

Random Quote

Your fatuous specialist is now beginning to rebuke “second-rate” newspapers for using such phrases as “to suddenly go” and “to boldly say”. I ask you, Sir, to put this man out without interfering with his perfect freedom of choice between “to suddenly go”, “to go suddenly” and “suddenly to go”. Set him adrift and try an intelligent Newfoundland dog in his place.

— George Bernhard Shaw