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    19th September 2008

    Sadly the only way of maintaining a vaguely clean inbox is spending quite a lot of effort tweaking your (bayesian?) filters. We should in fact probably have a chat about that at some point — if you have mails that haven't been caught by SpamAssassin on the tux in a folder (or otherwise easily identified) somewhere, then you could use those to train SA specifically for your account. If there is some type of mail that routinely gets through, you should let me know and I can add appropriate rules to SA (e.g. I'm currently contemplating slapping an extra 3 spam points on any message that mentions 123greetings).

    All this takes time and effort, but I guess the benefit of not seeing any spam is worth quite a lot. As for false positives, I have always tried to err on the side of caution, disabling tests that don't make 100% sense to me and/or setting thresholds rather high. I haven't ever had (noticed?) a false positive myself, but apparently Haz had one which he fortunately noticed. If this happens, there are certainly ways to white-list 'from' addresses on the server level, and possibly also on the user level.

    We should probably have a chat about this if it's an increasing problem. 🙂

  2. 22nd September 2008

    Fortunately, I'm not aware of any false positives going astray, and that to my mind is a much greater evil than dealing with the rare minnows that manage to slip through the spam filter nets.

    Much more of an issue is the hundreds of bounced messages that fill the inbox on occasion that spammers decide to spoof a real address at the domain, though even that is a rare event and not one that can't be dealt with in a couple of minutes.

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