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Car key

Key literacy

I’m sitting at the table one morning, hands cradling a warm mug, that rich smell of coffee hanging in the air. The sun is shining down on a brand new day, only the chittering of birds offering their choral backdrop to an otherwise blank canvas. Then a vibration on the windowsill accompanied by a tinny melody. Dad’s calling.

‘The battery in my car key’s dead,’ he tells me, apparently standing in front of his locked car on the car park, desperately pressing the transponder. ‘Can you find the number to call the AA? I can’t get in the car.’

‘Why don’t you just use the key?’


‘Put the key in the lock and turn it.’

‘Oh, does that work?’

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American contrast

American television
Cartoon by Manu Cornet.


Daily Links

Language anxieties: A long decline – A cute article over at the Economist, detailing the eternal fear of the decline of language.

21 Photographers Doing Whatever It Takes to Get the Perfect Shot – Cute collection of some daredevils and proud-free hobbyists pursuing their passion.

Internet slang meets American Sign Language – Looking at the spread of new signs to meet the needs of modern language.

24 Food Puns for the United States – Cute photography project playing wordy puns on the USA.

25 maps that explain the English language – Fascinating little collection of maps in some way detailing the growth, development and spread of the English language, including familial relations and modern day imports. One even offers a comparison of the vocabulary found in rappers’ lyrics alongside the works of Shakespeare or Moby Dick.


Daily Links

If the moon were a pixel –  A scale depiction of the galaxy, highlighting why you’ll never see a wall poster of the galaxy that’s to scale.

25 Biggest Turning Points – Short summaries of twenty-five important historical events from the BBC.

28 Surreal Interior Design Ideas – There’s something certainly fascinating about the idea of walking over the ocean to your kitchen. Not sure I’m enamoured by the idea of cleaning it.

Zoo Portraits – Barcelona photographer Yago Partal gives zoo animals a unique human face.

141 Boxers – Danish photographer Nicolai Howalt documenting the damage boxing causes in before-and-after portraits of young amateurs.

40 Idioms That Can’t Be Translated Literally – Great little list of idioms from around the world which make you sound like you’re tripping if you translate them literally.


V for Varoufakis

The only thing that gives the Jerries the willies these days is apparently the Greek Minister of Finance Yanis Varoufakis (who appears to have done a bit of consultancy work for Valve on the side).

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