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Johnny Cab

You’re in a Johnny Cab!

Obviously the technology is making leaps and bounds, but it’ll probably still be some time before the wheels of bureaucracy allow self-driving cars on our roads.


RIP Phantom

Yet another victim, killed on the roads yesterday.

Autocue my life

Sometimes a little punctuation goes a long way.

(Deutsch) Eine Anekdote über das britische Klassensystem

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

Bigger and better, like

Short aside. Teaching English in Germany, I often hear the mistake in comparative forms where Germans use a similar-sounding conjunction to their own:

Die Grünen sind beliebter als die SPD.

The Green Party is more popular as the SPD.

Curiously, where speakers use an alternative colloquial or dialect form of the comparative, it sometimes results in similar ‘mistranslations’ in English:

Es ist schneller mit dem Zug zu fahren wie mit dem Auto.

It’s faster to go by train like with the car.

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